Jeetay Investments Pvt Ltd



What is the minimum amount of investment you accept?
The minimum amount Jeetay accepts is Rs. 50 lakhs.

Where is my money going to be invested?
Jeetay will be investing money only in securities listed on the Indian market. If Jeetay is unable to find attractive stock opportunities, it will temporarily deploy money in liquid mutual funds, fixed maturity plans and bank balances. Capital protection is Jeetay’s first priority so it will not invest funds in any kind of speculative or leveraged instruments like derivatives (futures & options), margin trading, commodity trading, etc

Will the portfolio be diversified?
There will be reasonable though not excessive diversification.

When can I start/invest money?
You can start your account at any time of the year.

How do I get started?
As required by SEBI, every resident client needs to open a DP account on their respective names and the bank account is operated on a pool basis under custodian level. Kotak Mahindra Bank is our preferred banking partner for banking and DP accounts. Broking accounts are opened with one of the several brokers empanelled with Jeetay and is operated on a pool basis.

As required by SEBI, every NRI clients needs to open a demat, bank account and broking account separately.

In addition, all the clients needs to sign a PMS agreement with Jeetay. Jeetay also takes power of attorney (POA) with regard to the specific bank, broking and DP accounts to carry out investment activities on a day to day basis.

Will I have any control over my accounts?
Yes! Whilst Jeetay Investments will operate on your behalf under Power of Attorney (POA), operationally the securities will reside in your DP a/c. and the money stays in pool bank a/c for resident client and your bank a/c for non-resident client . You will have complete access to demat accounts on a continuous basis under NSDL login and statements of various reports including current portfolio and capital gain statement under FA login.

How often can I add to my account?
You can add funds to your account any time.

Is there any lock-in period?
No! There is no lock-in period. Whilst you can withdraw your money any time, Jeetay strongly urges you to consider investing with the firm with a 3-5 years perspective.

How often will you communicate with me?
Whilst Jeetay is open to discussion with you any time through email and phone, Jeetay’s thoughts on its performance are formally communicated to clients through letters in every six months.

Which benchmark do you choose to compare your performance with?
Jeetay Investments aims to generate absolute long term returns over a period of time. Jeetay expects its portfolios to be significantly different in composition compared to any index – the Sensex and/or any other index. However, Jeetay provides the comparison of its performance with the Sensex to give you a sense of the “opportunity cost” of not being in the market and not as some sort of a competitor with whom it is in a quarterly rat race.

When do I have to pay the fee?
Fee is charged to accounts on a semi-annual basis, in April and October every year.

Can I deduct this fee for tax purposes?
It is best to consult your chartered accountant or tax advisor on the subject.