Jeetay Investments Pvt Ltd

Guiding Principles

Jeetay's Guiding Principles

  • Jeetay will invest only in those businesses that it understands, leveraging its accumulated knowledge, relationships and experience.

  • Jeetay’s objective is to deliver returns superior to the market. It is focused on managing risk to minimize “drawdowns”. Risk control measures include:
    • Buying securities at significant discounts to appraisals of their “intrinsic value”.
    • Position sizing to reflect quality of business and the “price-value” discrepancy.

  • For Jeetay, risk in an investment context means:
    • The risk of permanent loss of capital, and/or
    • The risk of an inadequate return by buying or holding on to stocks trading far in excess of conservatively appraised “intrinsic value”.

  • In the absence of compelling investment opportunities, Jeetay will use “cash” as its default “investment” avenue.